The Benefits

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of adding resistance bands to your workout. Athletes everywhere are using bands as an important part of their fitness plan.There’s not a quicker and safer way to gain strength, speed, flexibility, agility, and stability than with the use of resistance bands.

The Science

We’ve taken a proven science and actually made it better with our grips. At 360 BANDS® we’re all about the grips!. Our unique grip design provides increased comfort and maximizes results with each exercise. 360 BANDS® are based on the latest scientific evidence of resistance training. By using our proprietary polymer science, we match the elastic properties of human muscle. With varying resistance, you can create a complete workout with our basic set of bands, or utilize either of our bands to change up your workout.

Low cost

360 BANDS® are a low-cost method to generate explosive speed, build strength, and gain flexibility…safely…in your home…in just a few minutes per workout. You will be seeing results immediately.


Resistance bands are the safe way to rehabilitate an injury or to recover from surgery. With 360 BANDS® you can easily target a specific area and work at a safe and sustainable pace…with amazing results…without risk of re-injury. Unlike latex bands that are on the market, 360 BANDS® do not cause health and environmental issues. The industry is quickly moving away from latex for reason. 360 BANDS® are latex free and 100% recyclable.

We’ve all had to become more aware of the risks associated with working out in public places. More and more people are looking for ways to workout in the safety of their home. With 360 BANDS®, you can be on your way to getting in great shape in no time.

Browse our website to see exercises you can easily duplicate on your way to becoming an elastic athlete. By all means, please share with us your results and ideas.  Follow us on Social Media @360BANDS. Click Here to order your 360 BANDS® today.