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360 BAND Safety Notice:

Serious injury can occur when a band is not properly used.

Do not stretch any band more than twice its original length.
We recommend wearing safety glasses or goggles for protection during use.

Always make sure the band is secure when in use.

Looping the end through the band onto any connection is the best way to secure it.

Please wear proper footwear when using the bands (rubber soles).

A damaged band should never be used. Always perform safety checks and inspect your bands carefully before use. If any tears, nicks or damage is found, do not use the band.

Do not expose the bands to harsh chemicals. The bands should be cleaned with water only.

Due to their soft elastic composition, all resistance bands will eventually wear out over time.

Unlike most bands, 360 BANDS can be recycled.

360 Warranty

 All 360 Fitness LLC products come with a 90 day warranty, from purchase date, against any manufacturing defect (less shipping & handling).

Contact us through our website with any questions or concerns about your product.

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