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 360 GRIP

You are only as strong as your GRIP


Grip strength plays a critical role in the training and development of the entire body. In fact, it is a powerful indicator of overall fitness.

However, athletes sometime overlook the importance of grip strength in their sport. A strong grip both enhances the action of the body and reduces stress on the body by eliminating the compensation needed to overcome grip weakness.

Simply put, the stronger the grip…the stronger the athlete.

Well-conditioned hands and forearms maintain a strong hold, allow freer wrist movement and react better to faster action and greater force. A strong grip produces greater power and will improve accuracy, control and endurance.

There are thirty-five powerful muscles which control hand movement, fifteen are in the forearm and twenty are in the hand.

The hand muscles are divided into four muscle groups: the flexors which close the fingers; the extensors that open them; the abductors that spread the fingers apart; and the abductors which bring them together. The flexors are the most used and trained. The extensors are the least trained and most injured.

These muscles are arranged in opposing pairs to stabilize and support each other’s actions. To achieve balanced grip strength, all muscles must be strengthened equally. Otherwise, an injury or strain may result from any imbalance.


Most grip training aids focus on the flexors or closing of the hand. The 360 GRIP is designed to be used to improve the strength of all the muscles used in the grip. The hands, wrists and forearms can be all strengthened at the same time.

The 360 GRIP does this by providing resistance to the complete closing and opening of the hands. This works the opposing pairs of muscles of the hands, wrists and forearms for a complete (360 degree) grip workout. It’s ergonomic design envelopes the hand so it is exercised in an anatomically correct way.

By resisting both the closing and opening of the hand, all major muscle-groups in the wrist and forearm can be exercised in unison, including the thumb and fingers, resulting in complete grip development. Movements for individual fingers and isolating the wrist can also be done.

Remember…you are only as strong as your grip.

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