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Can 360 Bands™ be used to rehabilitate injuries?

As with any injury, you should follow your doctors orders for returning to work outs. But, yes, 360 Bands™ are a great way regain strength and flexibility losses due to injury. When used in rehabilitative programs, resistance training speeds recovery. It also creates elasticity & strength in tendons, ligaments, joints and protective muscle groups. 

Are 360 Bands™ a good choice for an aging golfer?

360 Bands™ are a gret choice for golfers of all ages….especially againg golfers. Check out some of the videos in the 360 Studio for great golfing exercises.

I have latex allergies. Are these bands made of latex?

360 Bands™ are latex free!

Is this a good program for advanced athletes?

For athletes at any level. Use bands to warm up, stretch, strengthen, build speed, and increase stability & agility.

How do resistance bands improve strength

By creating progressive resistance, the bands tension becomes more challenging at your muscles’ longest length.  As the band is stretched, it stores an increasing amount of kinetic energy.  This provides a negative load on the working muscles which produces significant gains in strength.

Are your resistance bands good for speed training?

Unlike traditional weights, a band has no mass that will try to resist acceleration at the beginning of an exercise movement or keep moving at the end of a high-speed exercise movement.  Therefore, bands are excellent for any load of speed training of the Type II, fast twitch muscle fiber.  You can accelerate at full speed with maximal effort against the resistance created by the bands.  This training improves athletic speed and creates explosive action.

How can this help joint stability

These bands are very effective in joint stability training and core stabilization work.  When resisting against the flexing of the bands, the targeted area can be worked from multiple angles.  Movement can be added to increase the difficulty.  This creates a stronger base from which all athleticism develops.

I've been looking for a good stretching routine. Will this work?

Stretching with bands increases the elongation of muscles and joints.  This increases the active range of motion and total body flexibility.  They work with all the types of stretching disciplines.  This includes static or passive stretching, dynamic stretching with motion and isometric stretching.  The bands work very well with yoga or Pilates fitness programs.

Are 360 Bands Good For agility training?

Bands can be attached to the body to perform many types of agility training.  Lateral movement skills can increase lower body strength and increase foot speed.  This improves balance, coordination, quickness and athleticism.



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