The Science

Create Elasticity 

Creating the Elastic Athlete

By using our proprietary polymer science, 360 BANDS® match the elastic properties of human muscle.  The elastic properties (stress/strain) of the bands are directly transferred into the muscle. 
Most other looped bands are made from latex.  While latex does stretch like human muscle, it has health and environmental issues. Latex cannot be recycled.  The healthcare industry is moving away from latex for these very reasons

360 BANDS® are based on the latest scientific evidence of resistance training.  The benefits of resistance training include improved functional results, safer workouts and a holistic approach toward fitness. 
      We call it being 360 STRONG“.

We’re All About The GRIPS!

360 BANDS® are constructed with our unique (to the industry) GRIPS. Unlike the other loop bands on the market, our bands are easy to hold and the grips prevent the common “roll-up” issues with round loop bands.

360 BANDS® fit! It’s part of the science. The more control one has over the bands, the more effective the exercise becomes. It’s important to isolate each movement to the areas being targeted, and it is just as important  to be able to repeat the movement. Without the control provided by our GRIPS, the exercise becomes less effective.  

For a repeatable, comfortable, and controllable workout, 360 BANDS® GRIPS make the difference.

 We’re All About “360 GRIPS.



360 Bands

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In the safety of your home or alongside those with whom you feel safe.

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